Artwork by Emil Tibell

Gallery Show December 16th – 26th

A series of my artwork will be on display at the Con Artist Gallery in the ‘Religion Inc.’ show.

Dates: December 16th – 26th
12.16.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Opening Party
12.23.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Closing Party

Con Artist Gallery Open Monday – Saturday 11am to 7pm
Gallery Nights Every Wednesday 7pm till 11pm

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Dead Skin Mask ‘Hunting Grounds’

Dead Skin Mask ‘Hunting Grounds’ Cs [NE-18] now available.

Artwork, logo & layout done for this raw BM project from JW
(Grinning Death’s Head, Order of Nine Angels, etc.)

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Out now! Horrified magazine issue #1

A death metal zine from the prolific man behind Down & Out and Nocturnal Emissions, features interviews with Spectral Voice, Gath Smane, Contaminated, Cryptic Excision and more. Here is my artwork:

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Group show @ Con Artist gallery (119 Ludlow)

Opening reception last night had a great turn out and the show will stay up for the next 2 weeks.

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Fun project, a chest tattoo design + art piece

Fun project, a chest tattoo design

+ art piece commission‬     

Police Brutality (plus 3 Xerox distortions)

Police Brutality (plus 3 Xerox distortions)
30″ x 4″ [Collage on a wooden NYPD police barricade] 2015 

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In my brooklyn basement studio

Various mixed media pieces and paintings in progress on a home made wall mounted easel. These are made on wooden boards that I find around the streets of NY.

Detail of new mixed media piece “Roman”

Detail from “Roman – Collage on wood [14.5″×16″/37x41cm] 2015”,
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No Mans Land -Collage, house paint, rope & rusted nails on wood

No Mans Land
Collage, house paint, rope & rusted nails on wood [50×5″/127x13cm] 2015